R&A Auto Body Frequently Asked Questions

At R&A Auto Body we’re here to help.

Q. Does the insurance company tell me what body shop to pick?

A. Yes they do, but you have the right repair your car where ever you want.


Q. Can I have my car repaired by the shop that I choose?

A. It’s your right to be able to choose your auto body shop, the insurance company will try to steer you to one of their vendors. The insurance company can’t tell you where to have your vehicle repaired.


Q. Is the repair to my Auto Guaranteed?

A. Yes, our work comes with a life time warranty


Q. How long will the repair take?

A. Every car is different, minor repairs can take a couple days where major repairs could take 2-3 weeks.


Q. Will the paint match the original paint?

A. We provide expert color matching through our Smart Track Two computer program with color imaging scanner.